The best place to put an advertisement on a blog

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If you are wondering where the best place to put an advertisement on a blog is, then this is your lucky day because we might have an answer for you. Just keep reading this article and you can figure it out in no time. Advertising is one of the most important things when it comes to marketing. People who work in the marketing business will know that advertising will affect how many customers will engage with a certain product. That is why it is important for people to advertise, including publishers who have websites or blogs. This is what we are going to discuss more comprehensively within this article.

Why Do I Need an Advertisement on my Blog?

If you have a website like a blog, you certainly have to have ads in order to make money out of them. You can easily do this with programs for ad monetization such as AdSense by Google. AdSense is probably the most popular programs for ad monetization that you can find. It is managed by Google and it enables you to put ads on your blog in order to make some money. There are a lot of other programs that you can use in order to do ad monetization. Placing these ads on your blog will help you earn some money while still managing your blog as you desire.

Where Should I Put Ads on my Blog?

There are certain places to put your ads where they will make you a lot more money. In order to maximize your ad revenue, which is how much money you get for putting ads on your blog, you need to make sure that you put your ads in certain places. The most important thing about these places is visibility. The more visible the ads are on your blog, the more money you can make out of them. Anyway, here are some places to put your ads that will help you earn more money.

Within the Content of Your Blog

What says visible more than the actual content of your blog. When someone visits your blog, they are probably there to read the content of your blog. This is probably the best place to put an advertisement on a blog ever. The content can be anything from articles to images or videos. When you put an ad in the middle of your content, it is more likely that someone will click that ad rather than if you put it on the side of your blog. That is why putting the ad within your content will probably maximize your ad revenue, therefore increasing the profit that you get from putting ads on your blog.

In the Whitespaces on the Sides of Your Blog

This is another place to put ads without having to distort the content of your blog. You can put advertisements in the whitespaces on the left or right side of your blog in order to make money out of ads yet still maintain the aesthetic of your content. That way, your visitors will not have to be annoyed by ads in your content. This is another great place to put the ads because the whitespaces are wide and the visitors to your blog will most definitely see the ads when you put them there.


There are a lot of things that affect the quality of your advertisement when you are a publisher who owns a blog. One of those things is the placement of your ad. In order to maximize the ad revenue, you need to know where to place the ads on your blog. That is why we summarize the best place to put an advertisement on a blog for you.

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