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What is Domain?
The word of the domain itself is widely spread on the internet. If you are still new in the world of website and hosting, you must be feeling curious about the domain. But, do you understand what is domain? A domain name is assumed to be a physical address. For example, satellite navigation requires street names or postal codes for the system to provide directions. It goes the same to a web browser that requires a domain name to direct you or visitors to the website.
A domain name consists of two main elements. Like, the domain name Facebook.com is loading the name of the website (Facebook) and the domain name extension (.com). While a company (or personal people) buy a domain name, they can make or specify the server so the domain name can be directed.

Types of Domain
As one unity in the website, the domain is not stand alone. At least, there are three types of the domain that are almost used. The first one is Top Level Domain (TLD), is an extension that is located at the end of a domain name. For example, in www.youtube.com,” so what is called by TLD is the suffix of “.com.” The second one is Second Level Domain (SLD), SLD refers to the name of the agency, organization, or name of the choice that used. Such as from the domain name above, “youtube” is the SLD. The last one is Third Level Domain, which is the domain name that you gave before TLS and SLD. For example, if you create it for e-mail purposes, you can add webmail.yourdomain.com. This type or 3LD commonly called a subdomain.

Tips for Creating Domain Names
After we know about what is the domain, the next is about the tips for creating domain names. And here are the tips for creating domain names. First, make a name that easiest to remember. In this case, try to make a domain name that is not complicated and easy to remember. Second, determine the target users based on the area. If the target that wants to be achieved is the Indonesian audience, then you can use a domain name in Indonesia. Third, customize the contents of the website. In here, you should make a name that matches the website content.
Now you already know what is domain, the types of domain, and the tips for creating domain names. And lastly, don’t forget to fill the content of your website with something that gives the benefits for readers.

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